Beautiful Modern Boho

Boho chic is all the rage these days, but I am finding the updated modern boho a confusing new trend! Minimalism doesn’t necessarily complement a design aesthetic that promotes a maximalist plant parent lifestyle. Ha! Truth be told, it seems to lay somewhere in between. Clean and contemporary, but certainly not an empty space style of decor. Macrame and mid-century accents are still an important characteristic when it comes to color and texture, but this style has a new twist as well. Cleaner, brighter spaces bring in a modern vibe. Think white walls, bleached blonde woodgrains, and organic textured materials are a must.

A great way to describe this trend is monochrome minimalism. Bohemian-style decor has definitely shifted more into Scandinavian influence here. Eclectic styles still fit well in this aesthetic, but definitely have a more modern feel. What I love about this trend is traditional furniture pieces can play well here, and it still emphasizes the need for greenery in living spaces. Plants, plants, and more plants!

This of course is a pendulum shift from the organic boho-chic styles of years past, so it will likely come to rest somewhere in the middle. But for now, let’s all appreciate the modern inspiration we are seeing pop up online!