Caring for Plants this Winter

I went just a little bit crazy with house plants this year. Let’s blame it on being stuck at home, shall we?? Summer happened and we repainted our back porch. It turned into this whole patio makeover and I slathered it up with lovely plants. Fiddle fig leaf trees, bamboo palm trees, ficus plants… you name it. It looked AMAZING.

Then fall fame. And it got a lot cooler. And my heat-loving plants didn’t love the cold so much. No worries – they can thrive indoors! But I bought way more plants than I have windows. Gah!

So I will spare you the details of how I had to rearrange a million things to give each plant a tiny corner of sunshine. But here are some of my tips for the transition in case anyone else finds it helpful!

  1. Keep your plants warm – but not too warm. Many plants are extremely sensitive to cold air, but high heat as well. Make sure they are not covering any floor heat vents which are often placed by windows.
  2. Reduce your watering A LOT and use warm water for plants in winter. Not hot, just warm. I find a schedule really helps too. Put your water schedule on your calendar!
  3. Increase your home’s humidity. This is a hard one! Putting plants near or in bathrooms can help!
  4. Clean your plants. I just use those little swiffer dusters about once every two months. Or give the tops a good rinse in the shower!
  5. Give them plenty of light. I find rotating windows every few weeks helps since some windows get better light than others.

So far all the plants are still alive… but it’s only January. Ha!

Stay tuned!