Color Pallet Love – Pewter Blue

Definition: Pewter is a metal made out of tin with copper and lead, and the color has a range of blue undertones and a darker, more matte sheen than other metallic shades.

Pewter blue is a medium-light shade of cyan-blue that easily complements a lot of the coral color trends we have been seeing lately. Pewter blue is a lovely shade with cool gray undertones that compliments a lot of modern home styles and decor. It especially complements the contemporary and industrial decor. Pewter blue is timeless, not trendy. It has a sheen that is refreshing, grounding, and can add a sense of confidence to any room.

What are your thoughts on pewter blues mixed with bright hues? I prefer pewter paired with timeless neutrals like the image below, but it’s always fun to find a shade that grounds bright or complimentary colors!