Contemporary Christmas

Christmas is approaching fast and I can’t wait to finish decorating my tree! We are soooo close. I am embarrassed to admit it takes me days to get it all out and set up. I just enjoy the process so much I go slow and take my time enjoying this part of the holiday.

I have been thinking more and more about creating a timeless contemporary Christmas tree that my family can enjoy for many years. Something that fits trends now, but focuses on traditional trends that can last many years. Sometimes we get so trend-focused, it’s nice to have such a traditional holiday represented by decor that lasts a lifetime. I totally remember the decorations on my mom’s tree and how they never change. As consumers, we forget that timeless means it’s okay for it to not be so trend-focused on what’s in stores right now!

Here are my tips for creating Christmas tree decor in your home that feel both timeless but also reflects current trends:

Search for vintage or antique pieces that feel unique. Mix these in with holiday basics like solid-colored or metallic ornaments.

Focus on timeless metallics like brass or antique gold. Aged silver is great too! Warm coppers and metallic pinks will not have as long of a lifespan.

Focus on nostalgia! Things that you remember about Christmas when you were young. Were there any ornaments that you created with your family that you can re-create with your children? Salt dough was one that we did time and time again.

Stick with traditional colors in reds, greens, metallics, and warm whites. There is a lot of variety in these hues. Green can be olive or a cool forest green tone. There is a lot of wiggle room in traditional Christmas colors!

has plaid ever NOT been in style for Christmas? Plaid, tartan, and buffalo check patterns bring contrast and interest to any seasonal decor.

Densely decorated trees are always magazine-worthy, so don’t skimp on your collections! Enjoy the process and let yourself build your collection year after year.