Creative Curves

The return of the curve is here! A major trend is bubbling up in design. Literally bubbing.

Curves are popping up everywhere from mirrors to couches, and consumers are joyfully embracing this trend. The straight lines endorsed by twentieth-century modernism may have been the norm for decades, but that is no more. Designers are now proposing an alternative aesthetic that is curvilinear and appealingly easy on the eye. And let’s not forget the comfort factor!

Compared with static, straight lines, curves are playful and really fun. Even architects are getting in on the trend by rediscovering arches, rich with historical meaning. From arched doorways to curved walls, these softened edges help scale back on extreme modern styles we were seeing emerge in the market. The pandemic really has helped us take a few steps back and remember the importance of comfort and fun.

“Curves are welcoming – they have a stronger emotional impact than rectilinear spaces.”

– Oliver Haslegrave

It’s not just designers and architects who rooting for these cool curves. Consumers are demanding more and more comfort in their everyday spaces. The more time we spend in our homes the more we crave comfortable lives and spaces.