Dried Botanicals

Low maintenance and lovely, dried flowers are one of my favorite trends this season. Popping up everywhere from tabletop home decor to framed art, dried botanicals give a sophisticated Perisian feel to any room. To pull off this trend avoid dried flowers that previously had bright colors color and focus on neutral or soft pastel green hues. The more beige the better! Dried eucalyptus, lavender, and thistles are trending favorites.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing dried stems at social affairs as well! Weddings are predicted to be one of the top contenders for dried floral decor.

This trend has definitely inspired me to go cut down some of the lovely pampas grass on the side of my home! What do you think? Would you buy a dried arrangement at the store before buying fresh?

To find some lovely dried floral options for your home be sure to check out Etsy or Anthropologie! They tend to have the most bespoke collections of unique arrangements.