Fall Foraging – Mushrooms are Trending!

No, not that kind of mushrooms! This trend is all about the fun little foraged fungi you find out in nature, and they are trending big time!

Mushroomcore (yes, it even has a name!) is the love of all things mushrooms and it’s predicted to be a big deal in 2022. From furniture to Christmas ornaments, these adorable little fungi are popping up all over in a variety of materials and styles. Mirrors, textiles, and metal decor are some of my favorites. Look for pieces that feel vintage in nature and have an organic look and feel. An added bonus is anything made from recycled to sustainable materials!

Etsy is a really great resource for unique handmade pieces, but Amazon has a lot of fun products like art and tea towels as well! JoAnn craft store had some fun pieces in their fall collection, and will most likely feature some pieces in their spring collection as well.