Farmhouse Pinstripes

History shows that pinstripes originated in England around the end of the 19th century. The purpose of pinstripes is highly debated – though some say it was for bankers signifying a unique uniform that can be identified visually. Either way, pinstripes have become a symbol of power dressing giving off an air of bravado and a sense of orderliness.

Pinstripes can be loud. A way to broadcast wealth and power. It’s no surprise that early American gangsters adopted this formal trend!

Pinstripe trends of today have a much softer appeal. Still showcasing an orderly fashion, today’s pinstripes give a modern appeal to soft quality textiles. This tightly neat-line pattern is appearing everywhere: wallpaper, linens, small furniture pieces, and even decorative pillows. Pinstripes are making a strong comeback in modern farmhouse trends.