Hairpin Happiness

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Google “hairpin legs” and you’ll turn up countless resources for what’s now-staple of furniture design: slender steel rods bent into a deep, rounded V that can be easily attached to most any surface to make it a table.

Hairpin table legs are the iconic design of the mid-century. It sprang from the notion of creating a complete line of wrought iron furniture sometime in 1941. It is the solution for the need to create sturdy furniture while skimping on material overhead costs.

How strong are the hairpin legs?

The legs are very strong! For example, a set of 4 8″ legs can be used on a couch or bench that holds 3 or more adults.

Hairpin legs are sleek and streamlined, making for memorable furniture that complements a range of design styles. This ongoing trend is not predicted to be out of style anytime soon.