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LVM – The Influence of Matisse and Picasso

At the beginning of the 20th century, a small group of artists forged a path that would forever change how the world viewed art. By breaking boundaries and moving beyond the confines of tradition, they blazed a trail for modern art. Henri Matisse was a pioneer in this movement – founding the unique modern art called Fauvism.

For years Matisse honed his instincts and went against trends to develop an expressive style that would have massive ramifications on future art. As both a friend to and rival of Picasso (who was 11 years younger) Matisse pushed boundaries and inspired other artists to follow his lead.

The growing popularity of Matisse style art (and his younger friend Picasso) is driven by our current “body positive” movement. We are embracing imperfections in our lives right now, and this modern style of art fits right in with those concepts. The constant curves and shapes of our physical bodies and metaphorical lives give this emerging trend a stronghold when it comes to aesthetic inspirations.

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