Marvelous Mango Wood

Mangifera indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae. It is a large fruit tree, capable of growing to really tall heights. Mango wood is categorized as a hardwood, due to its dense grains. This means it is a strong and durable wood making it perfect for furniture. Due to the density of the wood, it doesn’t wear out easily and can keep its high-luster texture for many years. However, unlike other hardwood furniture, Mango wood is often seen as more affordable and sustainable.

Mango trees are native to India, Myanmar, and East Asia. Whilst the wood is most commonly cultivated in India, Mango wood is also farmed in Kenya and China. Mango trees grow incredibly fast, taking roughly 10-15 years to reach full productivity. s Mango farmers plant new trees every 7 to 15 years before the older trees become barren, it creates a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvests, with only the less ‘fruitful’ tree being chopped down to the wood.

Keep an eye out for this continually emerging trend! Mango wood is predicted to grow in popularity in homes and decor.