Opulent Orange

I am starting to think orange is a designer’s secret weapon. The name itself turns off consumers from any decor related to it, but as soon as we adjust the name or pallet, shoppers go running to purchase everything in stock! What is it about orange that is so appealing?

I feel like there is a color pun in there somewhere… a-pealing. I will get back to you on that one. I digress.

The color orange is featured in the top 10 most popular colors searches online right now, and searches for orange have grown over 48% this year. From apricot to amber, everyone wants to get their hands on something orange this year. Whether you love the tangerine orange that was once dubbed color of the year, or prefer the more polished appeal of burnt orange, this is a color that stands out visually in any room it adorns. So how does one go about approaching the idea of decorating with orange?

Very. Carefully.

Consider orange a “pop” of color in your homes. A comfortable side chair, a vase, or a piece of art. Orange can easily become the focal point in any room so use it sparingly.

Orange can also look very dated when presented flat or plain. Focus on texture first. Lush velvet fabric or textured terra cotta are great places to start. As far as which style of decor orange works best in, consider contemporary or modern decor. Farmhouse is not going to focus on orange anytime soon, so be careful how you place it in your home.

My personal style is very vintage eclectic so I am definitely thinking I can make a pop of orange work here or there. I will definitely be focusing on home decor pieces. There is no way orange will be in my wardrobe anytime soon. 😉