Traditional Arched Mirrors

Arched mirrors! I love them so much. Throw in a french inspired baroque piece on top and I am hooked.

Not only are mirrors a favorite for framing the perfect OOTD, but they’re also an incredibly functional staple in home decor. Whether as the perfect wall hanging above a dresser, a focal point of a gallery wall, or a space-defining accent, mirrors can add to the architecture of a room as much as a piece of art.

So why are arched mirrors making a comeback? Arched mirrors are a simple way to add a bit of drama to a room. They can create a higher ceiling, make a room look larger, and also bring a softer side by reflecting nearby trending textures and textiles.

Arched mirrors fit within a variety of trends. From modern farmhouse to vintage-inspired cottagecore, an arched mirror compliments just about every aesthetic.

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